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          An end-to-end platform for device manufacturers, offering built-in security, granular remote visibility, and valuable business insights.

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          Patented active protection

          Device and fleet-level insight

          Proactive risk management

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Embedded Security.
Device Observability.
IoT Magic.

A full stack platform for device manufacturers 
that boosts your business from design to end-of-life.

  • Cut patching costs, mitigate risks and streamline compliance.
  • Improve time to market, performance, reliability, and quality.
  • Use data to inform business decisions and identify opportunities.
0 %
prevention in benchmark security tests
0 +%
savings in patch management costs
0 M+
device metrics processed each day
Only 1- 0 %
overhead even on legacy devices


Prevention in benchmark security tests

Up to60%

Savings in patch management costs


Events observed every day


Overhead even on legacy devices

Product Security Director at Medtronic

“Sternum’s solution saves us time, manpower, and money. Being able to lean on Sternum as an active mitigation is a game changer and the data insights help us build better products and make better decisions.”

Kyle Erickson
Kyle Erickson

Product Security Director at Medtronic

Product Security Director at Medtronic
VP, Dependable Embedded Systems at the Linux Foundation

“Sternum enhances Zephyr’s built-in security features by providing embedded developers and device manufacturers with additional runtime protection and monitoring capabilities, which they can implement with minimal complexity and zero performance compromises.”

Kate Stewart
Kate Stewart

VP, Dependable Embedded Systems at the Linux Foundation

VP, Dependable Embedded Systems at the Linux Foundation
Senior Security System Architect and Fellow at NXP Semiconductors

“All attacks NXP crafted were blocked by Sternum with CPU overhead of less than 3%. Sternum’s ability to successfully addresses runtime attacks is a valuable addition to many of NXP products.”

Marc Vauclair
Marc Vauclair

Senior Security System Architect and Fellow at NXP Semiconductors

Senior Security System Architect and Fellow at NXP Semiconductors
CEO and co-founder at HARDWARIO

“We have long admired Sternum, for its unique ability to provide remote analysis of firmware runtime. Access to this technology improves our IoT offering and helps our partners deliver more reliable and competitive IoT products and services.”

Pavel Hübner
Pavel Hübner

CEO and co-founder at HARDWARIO

CEO and co-founder at HARDWARIO
CISO at Telit

“Seamless baked-in security with none of the added investment or complexity. Sternum alerts users to any attempt to compromise one of their deployed devices, providing early security intelligence.”

Dr. Mihai Voicu
Dr. Mihai Voicu

CISO at Telit

CISO at Telit

End-to-End Security and Observability Platform

  • Runtime Protection Runtime Protection Runtime
  • Threat Detection Threat Detection Threat
  • Continuous Monitoring Continuous Monitoring Continuous
  • Runtime Protection

    Patented EIV™ (embedded integrity verification) technology profiles processes in runtime and deterministically prevents all exploit attempts.

    Harden any device with:

    • Agentless on-device solution
    • Mitigation of known and zero-day threats
    • Supply chain protection (third-party code and libraries)
    • Live alerts and detailed forensics
    • Security for gated and isolated devices
    Customer Story

    Detect 0-day Vulnerabilities in Preproduction

    Customer Story

    A Fortune 500 device manufacturer engaged Sternum for POC, during which Sternum’s runtime protection was integrated into the development process.

    Almost immediately, by profiling their firmware in runtime, the team was able to discover four security bugs, including potential memory information leaks and corruption vulnerabilities. 

    By addressing these bugs pre-market, the company was to resolve issues with relative ease, avoid patching in the field, and prevent future risks to device users.

    Read the full case study

    ’Screenshot Runtime Protection
  • Threat Detection

    Advanced XDR-like capabilities, offer real-time awareness of malicious behaviors, security blindspots, and stealthy sophisticated threats.

    Gain constant awareness with:

    • Live threat intelligence
    • Detailed forensics
    • Panoramic view of all security risks
    • Customizable security policy engine
    • AI-powered automatic alerts
    Customer Story

    Streamline CAPA submission

    Customer Story

    A device manufacturer was facing a security issue with one of their products, which called for a prolonged and costly CAPA (Corrective and Preventive Actions) re-submission.

    Using Sternum, the company was able to demonstrate the presence of robust security controls and streamline the CAPA process, without any negative impact on its business. 

    ’Screenshot Threat Detection
  • Continuous Monitoring

    Personalized dashboards offer easy access to real-time device and fleet-level information – traces, metrics, crash logs, and more.

    Make data-driven decisions with:

    • Live granular insights
    • Remote debugging views
    • Actionable incident reports
    • Centralized fleet monitoring
    • AI-powered predictive analytics
    Customer Story

    Saving Millions on Battery Maintenance

    Customer Story

    A customer was experiencing issues with unexpected battery depletions, leading to substantial financial losses. 

    The team used Sternum to utilize additional custom traces and use them to track nuanced metrics which could help predict battery failures. 

    As a result, the company was able to optimize its investment in battery replacements, maximizing battery life and saving millions of dollars in maintenance costs.

    ’Screenshot Continuous Monitoring

Universal Solution
50+ Platforms

Sternum is compatible with every device type and OS, including yours.

Solution for Every Phase of Your Product Lifecycle

Working on a new project? Looking to improve an existing product? Either way, we got you covered.



  • Spot security gaps with code and memory profiled in runtime during development
  • Use device-level insights to improve engineering velocity
  • Make third-party code safe to use, and innovate with confidence


  • Simplify deployment and management with fleet-wide visibility
  • Catch emerging issues with AI-powered anomaly detection
  • Speed up remote debugging with continuous stream of live in-field data


  • Streamline regulatory compliance and
    security patch management 
  • Make device security and performance
    tangible for end users
  • Leverage activity insights to inform future design choices