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Free Evaluation Kit

Experience Sternum’s security and monitoring capabilities firsthand with a free evaluation kit, offering unrestricted access to our embedded security and monitoring platform.

So What’s Next?
  • Our team will reach out to you soon, using the details in your LinkedIn form 
  • We will set up a short call an provide you with a free board and trial account
  • We will help you set everything up
  • You will have 21 days to test Sternum on your own terms
The kit includes:
  • A free STM32F7508-DK ARM-based board with all accessories.
  • STemWin (FreeRTOS) demo source code.
  • A free trial version of Sternum EIV™ runtime security solution.
  • A free trial account on the Sternum threat detection and observability platform.
  • Access to a Sternum-managed build environment with the above software/tools.
About Sternum:
Sternum is a full-stack IoT platform, offering a wide range of on-device protection, threat detection, and monitoring capabilities. These include:
  • Agentless Runtime Protection: Patented EIV™ (embedded integrity verification) technology embeds into the firmware to deterministically prevent all code and memory manipulation attempts, with less than 3% overhead.
  • Continuous Monitoring: Cloud platform uses a proprietary Observability SDK to collect and display granular device-level data and macro fleet trends, offering ready access to live and historical data, AI-powered anomaly detection, log management, remote debugging tools, and more.
  • Threat Detection: XDR-like threat intelligence, triaging data from mitigated attacks with device-level telemetry and AI insights to alert about ongoing assaults, logical vulnerabilities (brute force, DDoS, etc.) emerging threats, malicious behavior, security blindspots, and suspicious activities.

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