HARDWARIO Deploys Sternum, Improves Security and Monitoring of Its Zephyr Devices

Hadas Weinrib
Hadas Weinrib

3  min read | min read | 31/05/2023

HARDWARIO, a leading provider of cutting-edge configurable IoT devices, has deployed Sternum on its gateways and kits. The technological partnership was announced in March 2023. Now, Hardwario’s customers can enjoy improved security on their embedded devices and enhanced monitoring.

Leveraging Sternum For a Competitive Advantage

HARDWARIO offers gateways that enable its partners to connect sensors, PLCs, and additional devices to the internet, as well as connectivity and cloud services. Altogether, it is a comprehensive solution for enabling smart, distributed functionality through software, hardware, and services, offering solutions for manufacturing, energy, agriculture, retail, healthcare, and asset management.

HARDWARIO engaged Sternum looking to improve and augment their IoT offerings. They wanted to add security and observability capabilities that would help their partners deliver competitive, secure, and reliable IoT products and services.

The team searched for a solution that could provide the following capabilities:

  • Protection from zero-day threats
  • Device memory protection
  • Minimal performance impact
  • Easy integration with Zephyr-operated devices
  • Live remote monitoring and debugging capabilities

After evaluating several options, Hardwario chose Sternum and the two companies embarked on a technology and business partnership.

HARDWARIO now offers Sternum’s security and observability capabilities to its customers as a service they can add on.

This offering provides the company with a competitive advantage in the IoT solutions market. In the words of Pavel Hübner, CEO and co-founder at HARDWARIO: “We have long admired Sternum, for its unique ability to provide remote analysis of firmware runtime. Access to this technology improves our IoT offering and helps our partners deliver more reliable and competitive IoT products and services.”

Today, Hardwario’s customers can enjoy Sternum’s embedded security capabilities, including protection against zero-days, unknown exploits, memory attacks, info stealing, and denial of service. They can also benefit from Sternum’s observability offering, including tracking device activity and performance, AI-powered anomaly detection, and advanced investigation capabilities.

Zephyr Integration With Sternum: Easy as 123

If your device is also running on Zephyr OS, you should know that integrating Sternum with Zephyr is easy and straightforward:

1. Just add our directory and a few lines to the CMakeLists. No code changes are necessary.


2. Sternum runtime security will immediately auto-activate and can be controlled directly from the Kconfig.

3. You can deploy custom traces to set up your monitoring strategy and start collecting device-level data.


With Sternum on your Zephyr devices, you get an additional layer of runtime protection, as well as access to live and historical data, AI-powered anomaly detection, advanced investigation capabilities, and more.

Contact us to learn more about Sternum and our solutions for Zephyr OS, and to see our platform in action.

Also, check out this case study to learn how we helped a Fortune 500 company catch vulnerabilities in pre-production on its mission-critical device, running Zephyr OS.


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