Sternum’s Embedded Platform Achieves Diamond Level UL IoT Security Rating

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2  min read | min read | 27/09/2023

Sternum’s Embedded Platform Achieves Diamond Level UL IoT Security Rating

We’re proud to share that Sternum has achieved a Diamond-level status for the UL IOT Security Rating. What does this mean and how does this benefit our customers? Get all the answers – below.

Sternum’s assessment was based on UL MCV 1376 Security Capabilities and led to the highest ranking under the IoT Security Rating program – the Diamond rating. This accomplishment demonstrates Sternum’s commitment to providing secure software components to its customers and the industry.

What This Means for Device Manufacturers Using Sternum

A Diamond level in the UL IoT Security Rating system represents the pinnacle of security features and practices for IoT devices. This is the highest rating available, indicating that the device has met stringent security criteria across multiple dimensions. Here’s what a Diamond level rating means for Sternum’s customers:

  • Globally Recognized: Device manufacturers can confidently integrate Sternum’s platform into their systems, knowing that it has successfully undergone rigorous UL Diamond-level assessments.
  • Wide Regulatory Coverage: Manufacturers who implement Sternum’s solutions gain added market value, as Sternum complies with cybersecurity regulations across multiple global regions.
  • Personal Support: UL Solutions can advise Sternum’s customers on cybersecurity even in the early stage of their product development.
  • Saving Time and Money: With Sternum, device manufacturers can expedite UL certification for their products, saving both time and budget, by utilizing Sternum’s UL IoT Diamond certification. Integration with Sternum eliminates redundant testing in areas where Sternum holds a Diamond-level rating, streamlining the certification process and reducing associated costs.

What is the UL IoT Security Rating?

The UL IoT Security Rating is a comprehensive framework for evaluating the security posture of smart products and IoT devices. The framework was developed by UL (Underwriters Laboratories), a global safety science company that offers certification services. It is a tiered rating system that aims to establish a standard security baseline within the consumer IoT sector. This provides consumers, manufacturers, and retailers with a clear and comprehensible measure of the security features embedded in IoT products, and their ability to mitigate common IoT threats and vulnerabilities.

The rating system is divided into different levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. Each level represents a progressively more robust set of security features. These levels are determined based on various criteria, such as data encryption, software integrity, and user data protection. A service or product that receives the Diamond level rating has met the most rigorous and demanding security standards and offers comprehensive security protection to its customers.

About Sternum

Sternum is an embedded platform built for connected devices. By augmenting every device with runtime security and granular observability, Sternum provides world’s leading device manufacturers with significant business insights, continuous in-field product and fleet monitoring, and built-in security, enabling them to improve operational efficiency and achieve business excellence.

We’re proud of this accomplishment that shows our commitment to our customers’ security.
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