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Sternum Platform

Runtime Protection

Patented EIV™ software technologies are embedded into the firmware to deterministically prevent all code and memory manipulation attempts. 

Continuous Monitoring

All data, logs, insights, correlations, notifications, and alerts reside in one centralized platform, with customizable dashboards purpose-made for IoT builders.  

Threat Detection

XDR-like threat intelligence triages threat intelligence, AI insights, and device telemetry to inform about emerging threats, malicious behavior, and logical vulnerabilities (e.g., brute force, DDoS).

Bake Security In

Sternum’s solution saves us time, manpower, and money. Being able to lean on Sternum active mitigation is a game changer. The data insights help us build better products and make better decisions.

Kyle Erickson

Product Security Director at Medtronic

On-device Intrusion Detection and Prevention

Building upon the principles of RASP and XDR, Sternum’s patented EIV™ software technologies deliver endpoint protection tailor-made for embedded systems. It deterministically preventing all device exploit attempts and protects from current and future (e.g., 0-day, 1-day) threats with zero performance compromises.

Agentless/Lightweight Deployment

Agents are bulky and hard to integrate, especially on resource-constrained devices. Sternum sidesteps these issues by baking security directly into your code, with less than 3% overhead. The agentless deployment model also makes it universally compatible, enabling it to work with any device and OS.

Supply Chain Security

Supply Chain Security

For attackers, third-party code is a go-to soft spot, with Gartner expecting 45% of all organizations to experience a supply chain attack over the next two years.

Working at the binary level, Sternum security coverage extends across ALL running code – including third-party software – mitigating software supply chain attacks and ensuring high standards for developed code are always maintained.

Advanced Threats Intelligence

Advanced Threat Intelligence

Knowing is half of the battle. Threat awareness is crucial for addressing security gaps and keeping ahead of future threats. Leveraging insights from blocked attacks – and triaging them with AI signals, device telemetry, and user activity – Sternum creates a panoramic view of security risks across your entire fleet. This expedites investigation, prevention, and incident response.

Accelerate Your Business

All attacks NXP crafted were blocked by Sternum with CPU overhead of less than 3%. Sternum’s ability to successfully address runtime attacks is a valuable addition to many NXP products.

Marc Vauclair

Marc Vauclair

Senior Security System Architect, Fellow at NXP Semiconductors

Streamlined Compliance

Streamlined Compliance

New regulations keep raising the bar for on-device security and post-market surveillance across multiple industries. Working with the world’s largest manufacturers, Sternum has a proven track record of meeting and exceeding such regulatory expectations, offering an easy and cost-effective way to achieve compliance (e.g., FDA, NIST, IEC 62443) for legacy devices already in use and for newly designed products.

End Costly ‘CVE Chasing’

Security patching is costly and disruptive. Sternum’s security offers a way out of the “CVE chase” by deterministically preventing all code and memory manipulation attempts, thereby mitigating all exploit attempts from software vulnerabilities, both old and new. This puts you back in control – enabling you to prioritize, schedule and consolidate updates in a way that makes the most sense for your business.

Tangible Security

Tangible Security

IoT devices are often viewed as the “weakest link,” leading to concerns about how they could compromise users, the network, and other enterprise assets.

Sternum’s ability to provide continuous monitoring and real threat information, in addition to an abundance of other security intelligence, alleviates such concerns, wins customer trust, and differentiates your product as a premium offering.

Informed Innovation

Once shipped, a device often turns into a “black box,” with limited ability to inform about the value it provides, performance hiccups it experiences, and how it is being (or not being) used.

Sternum places these crucial insights – and more – in the hands of product leaders, helping them make informed design choices via a constant stream of data directly from the field.

Optimize Operations

Seamless, baked-in security with none of the added investment or complexity. Sternum alerts users about any attempt to compromise one of their deployed devices, thus providing early security intelligence.

Dr. Mihai Voicu

Dr. Mihai Voicu

CISO at Telit

Early Bug Detection

Addressing bugs after a device has already shipped is ~30X more expensive, and static tests catch only 50% of issues. Sternum saves you time and money by enabling you to profile code and memory integrity in runtime during development. This helps spot bugs and even 0-day vulnerabilities early on – when they are safe to address and much less costly to fix.

Rapid Remote Debugging

Rapid Remote Debugging

Solving issues in a remote device is difficult. Without the ability to remotely query, analyze and visualize logs, it could be downright impossible. Sternum saves engineers time, with ready access to live and historical data in addition to contextual details about user activity, CPU/memory usage, network stats, battery levels, RSSI, temperature, and more.

Scaleable Fleet Management

Scaleable Fleet Management

Monitoring activity across large-scale, geo-distributed fleets is resource-consuming. Sternum simplifies fleet operations with tools that help you ID and track every device in your inventory, observe fleet-wide trends, and easily access information about firmware versions, deploy statuses, ‘last seen’ time stamps, locations, connectivity, et al. 

Single Pane of Glass

Single Pane of Glass

The larger your organization is, the more difficult it is for teams to align on the same processes for device monitoring, security, data collection, and more.

Sternum unites disparate product teams (e.g., Dev, Sec, Ops) with a single tool that can provide comprehensive security and operational data for all platforms (Linux, RTOS, mobile) and flexibility to deliver it in a way that empowers each user to focus on what matters most to them.

Why our solutions?

Patented EIV™ technology embeds into the firmware to deterministically prevent all code and memory manipulation attempts.