Getting Out Of The IoT Security Debt [Video]

Arthur Braunstein
Arthur Braunstein



Video transcript:

Arthur: It’s worth taking a look at some of the issues that customers face and our customers who make IoT devices and their customers face uncertainty.

The uncertainty is around whether their device is secure or not and if it’s not secure, whether they’ll know about it.

And we answer those questions for them.

The first thing that we do is we protect their devices against zero-day attacks, making sure that they’re secure, their integrity is protected.

And that they’re compliant with regulatory requirements.

The second thing that we do is provide them with visibility and observability so they have a continuous log of all the events occurring on their device.

And so that the moment there is some sort of attack or suspicious event, they’re aware of it and they can take action on it without waiting, without the risk evolving into a possible breach.

For a company like us, it’s important to get information from different sources.

We talk to our customers and they tell us what’s important to them.

An event like this is a an opportunity to speak with customers across a broad spectrum of industries and gather a lot of information very quickly and in in in a way that and in a manner that we understand very quickly what’s important to them.

It’s not a “will” to face.

They face it today.

It’s an immediate problem and it needs an immediate solution.

And one way to look at this is technology debt.

The devices that have been produced for the last decade or so and the devices that are being produced are insecure and are getting more insecure as software vulnerabilities grow in them.

It’s an issue that needs to be handled today and it can be handled with the technology that we have.