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“Sternum’s solution saves us time, manpower, and money. Being able to lean on Sternum as an active mitigation is a game changer and the data insights help us build better products and make better decisions.”

“Sternum enhances Zephyr’s built-in security features by providing embedded developers and device manufacturers with additional runtime protection and monitoring capabilities, which they can implement with minimal complexity and zero performance compromises.”

“All attacks NXP crafted were blocked by Sternum with CPU overhead of less than 3%. Sternum’s ability to successfully addresses runtime attacks is a valuable addition to many of NXP products.”

“We have long admired Sternum, for its unique ability to provide remote analysis of firmware runtime. Access to this technology improves our IoT offering and helps our partners deliver more reliable and competitive IoT products and services.”

“Seamless baked-in security with none of the added investment or complexity. Sternum alerts users to any attempt to compromise one of their deployed devices, providing early security intelligence.”