Trademarks and Patents

Sternum’s EIV™

Sternum’s EIV™ (embedded integrity verification) is our brand name for the collection of Sternum’s software programs and platforms that collectively provide runtime integrity protection, continuous monitoring, and threat intelligence for IoT devices.

EIV™ software generally is provided in two ways, a set of downloadable runtime integrity protection components and SaaS (cloud) services for vulnerability analysis, continuous monitoring, and threat intelligence.

Different devices may require individualized protections based upon the device architecture, the threats the device is exposed to, and vulnerabilities identified for each individual device.

The EIV™ downloaded products are protected by one or more of the following US patents or their foreign counterparts: US 11231948-B2, US 11119798-B2, US 11176060-B2US, and US 10983923-B2.

List of Patents